The Swan Inn is located in the idyllic setting of Swinbrook nestling on the banks of the River Windrush in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds.

Indeed, it makes a delightful walk whatever the season from The Swan Inn following the River Windrush’s path as it gently meanders on some 3 miles to the Cotswold town of Burford.

So when reviewing the latest edition of the local publication ‘The Chronicle’ and so enjoying ‘SONG OF THE WINDRUSH’ we thought it only proper to share this ‘ode’ to the River Windrush, as it’s such an important part of not only our lives, but for locals of Swinbrook, Burford and visitors alike.



A little stream sets out with pride,
To brave the Cotswold countryside
Temple Guiting, calmer still,
Then the rise at Hartford Mill.

Once in Bourton’s spacious green,
Venice of the Cotswold scene,
Lingering under bridges grey,
Nursed by trees, it longed to stay.

Now when Mammon’s noisy greed,
Crowds its banks, it gathers speed,
Sherborne, Windrush, Taynton gleam,
Jewels on the Windrush stream.

Burfords hill serene and grey,
Holds the ghost of Cromwell’s day,
On to Swinbrook’s lovely peace,
Church and bridge and water lease.

Where the Fettiplaces lie,
In their marble dignity,
Now it glides by Minster Hall,
Dreaming of the Lovell’s fall.

Till in Witney’s busy maze,
Lost it broods on other days,
Comforted to serve the mill,
Where its wool is treasure still.

Then with wearying twist and bend,
Standlake’s fields bring journey’s end,
Newbridge arch its travel done,
Mother Thames receives her son.



Visitors to The Swan Inn at Swinbrook can of course experience the River Windrush at close quarters when staying in the Riverside Cottage accommodation. More information HERE.